Mr. John Miller M.A., Dip.Ed.Psych .,
Member of the International Association
for Analytical Psychology.



What is analysis?

Not the same as counselling.....

The analytical method is different from the most other kinds of therapy in the way that it aims to produce a radical change in the personality through emotional growth and development.Most counselling and talking therapies are concerned with solving problems or helping getting rid of symptoms. Analysis is about feelings and values, not behaviour and performance.

'The Thinker'

Over a hundred and twenty years of research .....

The analytical method which has been practised and refined over one hundred and twenty, years represents literally millions of hours of careful research and observation of how people develop emotionally and mentallyIt might be called the biggest database in existence on human experience and relationships and how they work.Human beings have a built-in programme of development which is triggered and cultivated by key experiences most of which occur through the relationship with the parents.

I'ts never hopeless.......

Most "personal problems" are the result of emotional development not getting completed in certain areas or having gone wrong. Genes and chemicals play a part in this but they are only the building blocks.Although the body stops growing by the age of twenty one, however, emotional development and learning is possible throughout life - indeed there is an instinctive urge towards it.

Healing and growing through reparenting.......

The analytical method works by creating a situation in which a sort of emotional fostering or adoption can take place where all the things which went wrong or did not get completed in the relationships with actual parents and key adults in childhood can be repaired or completed.

Hours And Fees

07.00, a.m -12.00, p.m. 15.00-20.00 Weekdays Only.
Fees: From £77 per hour, Depending On Contract
Lower Fees Negotiable In Case Of Real Hardship, Charity Funding Possible.